Bell & Howell Autoset 624EE Super 8 kamera


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Her har jeg for salgs et skikkelig gammelt super 8 kamera!

Leveres i orginalt skinnetui og med ekstra linse.

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Bell & Howell Autoset 624EE camera. Double run 8mm cine camera. Super Comat lens F:10mm f/1.9. Auto or manual aperture setting. Clockwork drive. Single frame/continuous run. No. D33146.

Bell and Howell Autoset 624EE 8mm Cine Camera, made in the United States, 1958.

This is one of the earliest amateur cameras with automatic exposure control. The Autoset takes 25 feet spools of double 8mm film. As well as taking 16 frames per second, the camera can also take single frames.

Many cine cameras in the 1950s and 1960s were powered by clockwork motors, depending on the quality of the mechanism, the camera might from for anything between 30 and 90 seconds.